Monday, August 16, 2010

Wickham Green, near Hungerford crop circles, Part 2

This post is to continue with some diagrams from Part 1, which is here.
If we overlay circle as they are in fields, only slightly rotated, we would get similar diagram:
face 1on1 copy
There is nothing special in this diagram. But it feels as it wants second circle to shift it a little.. And here is what we get, when we shift North circle a little:
faces with shift 1
As can be seen from diagram we get a symmetry between North and South dots. The symmetry line is from top left to bottom right. If we color dots: Red color for south circle, Blue dots for North circle:
faces with shift 2 faces with shift 3
We can clearly now see an almost strict symmetry – lots of dots fall into each other or complete empty spaces missing in other part.

You might continue on reading on possible hidden messages in the circles, here :

Interesting circles, really :).

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